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What some readers are saying on Amazon:

"A tense and gory story...recommended to horror fans everywhere.'  /  'Gripping and intense.'  /  'I can't wait for Redden to sate my hunger for answers with bloody gobs of fetid meat! And, you know...more zombies.'  /  'This one is gross and wonderful.'  /  'A fantastic twist on the unexpected.'

DEAD BOAT: THE COMPLETE NOVEL EDITION is the final and completed DEAD BOAT trilogy in one book. Comprising of novellas previously published individually by Kyanite Publishing, this edition contains DEAD BOAT (2018), DEAD TOWN (2021), and DEAD ENDS (2022). It's 156 pages of cursed bloody zombie action and adventure with a reading age of 16+. Here are the blurbs:

DEAD BOAT (part one)

'Spain of 1726 was a terrible place to live, but a far worse place to die.'

Six condemned prisoners set sail to England, their last chance to escape the hangman's noose. Unfortunately, something dark and powerful lurks aboard their ship and things are about to get very, very bloody.

DEAD TOWN (part two)

When a blood-soaked lifeboat reached the coast of England, nobody could have realized the horrors it brought with it. The port town of Penzance has long been a notorious place of refuge for smugglers and pirates, but it is about to bear witness to a whole new form of horror. For when the dead take to the streets of this thriving metropolis of sin, nobody will be safe. Might a young homeless girl hold the key to unlocking the mystery behind the blood-cursed pendant? One thing is for sure, you had better…start…running.

DEAD ENDS (part three)

The Dead Boat trilogy comes to a thrilling conclusion in this third and final book. After the events of DEAD BOAT and DEAD TOWN, the blood-cursed pendant with the power of raising the dead is finally in London and the hands of Sir Isaac Newton. Some unlikely allies are required to finally bring the devastating curse to an end; however, is the price going to be too much, and just who will get to see the sunrise again?

This final book will bring the trilogy full circle and conclude this supernatural thriller: witchcraft, curses, zombies, and blood…..lots and lots of blood.

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