Anthony D Redden lives in a small town in Derbyshire, England. He looks after people for a living, and when not working he looks after little people at home. His children that is, not actual little people. He's been writing for years and years and has slowly made his way through most genres of fiction. He's one of those people who have always floated between genres and styles of writing, not strictly horror, nor science-fiction, nor YA, nor poet. Somewhere in-between all of that is roughly where he exists. One thing that has always stayed consistent throughout all of his writing is that it all seems to come out dark; sometimes a subtle mood, other times it hits you hard as a sledgehammer. He writes movie reviews for sci-fimonkeys.com and of course, The RedEye Review, and is part of the editorial staff at Bandit Fiction. He signed up to Kyanite Publishing in 2018, and is working with them on a YA Horror novelette series (The Dead Trilogy), the first instalment is available from all good bookstores or direct from  KYANITE PUBLISHING. He graduated from the University of Teesside in 2019 with a Masters Degree in Creative Writing.

This website is one outlet he has and is all part of his writing presence online. In conjunction with a twitter and Facebook accounts, all of his writing is accessible for whomever might be interested. Currently all of his published work is available on Amazon in e-book formats, and he's always after feedback and comments. He's also happy to make contact and to chat about writing, so please do drop him a line.

I f you want to message me direct do it here. :)

© 2019 by A D Redden

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