I live in a small village in Derbyshire, England, surrounded by lush countryside in all directions and a view of a working windmill. I spend most of my time looking after people for a living, and whenever I get the opportunity, I write. I've come to realise that writing is the thing I love to do the most, and over the years I have produced a fair few stories and books. I'm one of those writers who floats between genres and styles of writing, not strictly horror, nor science-fiction, nor YA, nor poet, but somewhere in-between all of that is roughly where you'll find me. In 2019 I graduated from the University of Teesside with a Masters Degree in Creative Writing. I'm currently part of the editorial staff for Bandit Fiction, where I read through the weekly fiction submissions with my fellow bandits. 

Dead Boat (The Dead Trilogy: part one) (2017)
Dead Town (The Dead Trilogy: part two) (2021)
Blood of the Necromancer part one (2019)
Children of War part one (2020)
The Boy in the Walls (2020)

The Dead lands in Shallow Waters Vol.5 (Crystal Lake Publishing, 2020)
Sheath in Terror Tract (Terror Tract, July 2020)
Greasepaint in Micro Horror (April 2011)
The Pig Farm in Flashes in the Dark (April 2011)
Hope in Gag me with a ... (July, 2012)
In that Dress in Shallow Waters Vol.4 (Crystal Lake Publishing, 2019)
Someone to Care (Ether Books, January 2013)
Is Anybody There? in The Pygmy Giant (November, 2014)
Eyes in the Storm (Schlock Webzine, 2015)
Bring him back (2015)
A state of mind in Fugitives (Sinisiter Saints, 2015)
Progeny in White in Fugitives (Sinister Saints, 2015)
MILF in Mummy Knows Best (Terror Tree, 2017)
The Witches Tit in Weird Ales 2: Another Round (Quantum Corsets, 2016)

Written in Blood (2018)
The Room at the End of the Hall (2018)
When the Lights fell over Heringbone (2021)
Mercy Heights (2018)
Resisitance: The beginning of the end (2018)

Unhinged Heart (collection of 62 poems) (2018)

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