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I was born many years ago in Exeter and after having spent a few formative years in the south of England, I moved to a small Derbyshire suburb in the Midlands. There I spent the majority of my life, frolicking within the lush green countryside, only briefly venturing north to study for a BA in Applied Social Sciences at the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside. From then on I started a career in care and mainly worked with adults with learning disabilities and acquired brain injuries. Alongside this proper job, I also write.

I have been writing since high school and in that time I count my blessings for the opportunities I have had to work with some amazingly talented people within the publishing industry. They have supported and nurtured me, providing a world of knowledge and experience that has helped me develop as a writer, and in 2019 I graduated from the University of Teesside with a Master's Degree in Creative Writing.

I have floated for some time between genres but finally found a home nestled in the crevices where Science Fiction and Horror meet. This is where I feel my writing is strongest, although I have dared to venture into the realms of poetry, movie reviewing, and even audio narration. My written work is primarily in the form of short stories and many of them have been published across the world in one format or another. I have also written some novellas and even a novel, however, don't expect too many of those. It's difficult to create one home for all of my work as so many stories are under contract with various publishers, so consider this website a big fat signpost to all the far-flung corners of the publishing world where my stories are residing. Occasionally I will self-publish a collection of works where I can lump together oddities that haven't found a home elsewhere, but every story is a part of me, even if some are an acquired taste-you can't please everyone, just look at some of my Goodreads reviews. :0



Dead Boat (2022)

Dead Boat (The Dead Trilogy: part one) (2017) (previously published by Kyanite Publishing)
Dead Town (The Dead Trilogy: part two) (2021) (previously published by Kyanite Publishing)
Dead Ends (The Dead Trilogy: part three) (2022)
Blood of the Necromancer part one (2019)
Children of War part one (2020)
The Boy in the Walls (2020)

Greasepaint in Micro Horror (April 2011)
The Pig Farm in Flashes in the Dark (April 2011)
Hope in Gag me with a ... (July 2012)
Someone to Care (Ether Books, January 2013)
Is Anybody There? in The Pygmy Giant (November 2014)
Eyes in the Storm (Schlock Webzine, 2015)
A state of mind in Fugitives (Sinisiter Saints, 2015)
Progeny in White in Fugitives (Sinister Saints, 2015)
The Witches Tit in Weird Ales 2: Another Round (Quantum Corsets, 2016)
MILF in Mummy Knows Best (Terror Tree, 2017)
In that Dress in Shallow Waters Vol.4 (Crystal Lake Publishing, 2019)
The Dead Lands in Shallow Waters Vol.5 (Crystal Lake Publishing, 2020)
Sheath in Terror Tract (Terror Tract, July 2020)
Night Callers (Schlock Webzine, 2022)
The Visitor in Annus Horribilis (Bag Of Bones Press, 2022)
Chaperone in Savage Planets (Savage Planets, July 2022)
Soul Cake in Shallow Waters Halloween Edition (Crystal Lake Publishing, October 2022)
Julaften Heks in Shallow Waters: Special Christmas Edition (Crystal Lake Publishing, December 2022)

Best Interests  (Schlock Webzine, July 2023)

Rapture  (Schlock Webzine, September 2023)

Re-Written in Blood (2022)
The Room at the End of the Hall (2018)
When the Lights fell over Herringbone (2021)
Resistance: The beginning of the end (2018)

No Particular Place to go by Bonnie Meekums (2022) The Bandit Fiction Podcast Ep.12
Kindness, of a sort
by Jacqui Pack (2022) The Bandit Fiction Podcast Ep. 11
The Deep Dive by Robert Runte (2022) The Bandit Fiction Podcast Ep. 10
Saddleworth by R.J. Gardham (2022) The Bandit Fiction Podcast Ep. 9
Dead Boat by Anthony D Redden (2021)


I f you want to message me direct do it here. :)
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