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A time to write

The past year and a bit has thrown me more curve balls than i care to list. Suffice to say, things have not been great. I'm offering this as a reason for my lapse in blog posts of late. Writing has always been a dream for me, an ambition and a goal. I have wanted to be a writer for as long as i can remember. Not just a writer but a writer who could support himself and his family by writing. The two however do not go hand in hand easily. Over the years i have spoken to many writers, some self published, some traditionally published, all with the same goal of being able to sustain themselves through their writing. The stark, hard reality is that not many ever achieve this. I myself am one such person. However the dream lives on. One day, maybe. I have written flash fiction, poetry, short stories, novelettes, a stonking great novel, and even a movie. I have co-authored stuff and written on commission. I spent a year running an online writing community, i write movie reviews for an online entertainment magazine, and I've had numerous stories published across a multitude of platforms. I have both self-published and have been signed up by a publisher to write a trilogy of horror books. I am currently doing an MA in creative writing at university, and have many, many unfinished projects on the go. I write, not every day, sometimes not even every week, but i write. I have a wife and 3 kids, a full time job and a university course to juggle, and write whenever i can. Its that elusive breakthrough book that evades me. I'm sure its in there, as do all writers I'm sure, but i just haven't gotten around to it yet. I have a few books on the go at the moment and maybe one of those will be it? But this is all part of the process, part of the development. Each story i write is better than the last. Each edit done is a lesson in how to write better next time. Let me tell you though, an editor is an invaluable asset to have. I'm not talking about a digital editor, something built in to your word processor, or even some software, i myself use grammarly which i find a great tool. But nothing has ever matched the huge contribution a real life professional editor brings. I played around with a few editors, but i guess it all depends upon what you want from them. I tend to want the works, a full edit and feedback. An unbiased and professional critique of my work. Not too harsh so as to want to rip my own eyes out and break my own fingers, but honest and helpful. Someone who can see potential and cultivate it, to provide constructive criticism on how to make your work the best it can be. Well worth the money.

Talking of editors, my new novelette has recently arrived back from said editor, and is looking good. I have a little tweaking to do, but am well on course for an early 2019 release. Below is the cover art, which i might add, i did myself. Saves some pennies but also i think came out pretty sweet.

One last piece of news before i go, DeadBoat, the first in a three part horror serial from kyanite publishing, is now available on kindle unlimited meaning you can read it for free.

UK Edition:


US Edition:


You can read some of the review for DEADBOAT right now over at goodreads:


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