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Blood on the streets and Monkeys in space

Time for the May edition of the newsletter and its a full one. Let's get straight into it. Well the big news to start with is that after far too long the co-written novel 'The Masonic Plague' is finally done and back from the Editors. I am completely in love with this book. Myself and Jonathan Martin have been working on creating a whole bizarro universe in a twisted version of 1890's Victorian London, and i really think its some off well. All the feedback so far has been really good. The edit has left us with a couple of things to look at, but those final tinkerings are well underway. The big thing that has come from it all though is that we are going to hold back until the second book is well and truly underway before taking any further steps. This may involve seeking further beta readers but ultimately searching for an agent to take on the project. There is only so much we can do, and the book has such potential beyond just a novel that its only right that we get someone else involved to develop it. What ever the path we end up walking, all the details for 'The Masonic Plague' can be found at the website and blog www.masonicplague.uk or by following the twitter account @Hardcore_Horror.

For more information about this epic new gothic horror novel, you can also visit both myself and Jonathan Martin on Facebook.

But what of Masonic Plague Book Two? Well thank you for asking, the good news is that book two is well under way. I have just completed chapter 4 and i know chapter 5 is being written as you read this. So, good progress being made so far, and it is just getting more bloody and more disturbing. I know it's difficult to get excited about a project that you've not actually read, however, we are about to address that. A short while ago, I wrote a short story that was set in the universe of 'The Masonic Plague' called '1666'. It is very much a taster of what to expect in the novel. This story was included in my latest collection of short stories 'The Room at the End of the Hall'. But very soon it will become available to read for free on the masonic plague website. I think next week to be honest. So as soon as it is up i will let you know and provide links. All the latest new on the book, including merchandise, is there to see at www.masonicplague.uk

I continue to review movies for the online entertainment magazine scifimonkeys.com and the latest to be added are Killing Joan and Dawning of the Dead. Both can be viewed by clicking on the links. I have just today submitted a further 2 more reviews to my Editor at monkeys and will hopefully soon have further links to these new reviews. Stay tuned because they are good ones.

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