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Children of War: part one

The year is drawing to a close faster than i can comprehend most days, but despite the roller-coaster of emotions that 2019 has brought with it, I wanted to end on a positive. That positive comes in the form of a long-awaited new novelette series, 'Children of War'. This has been a work in progress for a while now and each time i went back to it, it just got bigger and more complex and exciting. This has all meant that far from being the short story it was originally going to be, CoW is now closer to full novel length in aspirations. For those of you who know me, you know that I would drown in the endless bog of a novel, and so for both my benefit and yours, I am splitting the story up into easy to devour novelettes. I keep my sanity and the story sees the light of day as opposed to sitting for years unfinished glaring at me from my desktop. As it now stands 2020 will be the year for sequels. I have Dead Boat 2 very much on its way courtesy of Kyanite Publishing along with some extra very exciting Dead Boat related projects. The second installments of 'Blood of the Necromancer' and now 'Children of War' are also in progress and i'm really looking forward to developing those worlds respectively. I also have a few short stories floating in the ether that may form a new small collection that i could release next year if all goes well. That isn't forgetting the children's time-travel book I've been finishing off 'A Little More Time', again hopefully ready for 2020 release.

Children of War

Okay so I've not yet got the blurb down, so i will give you a brief rundown of what this is all about. Children of War is a science fiction dark-thriller in space. Set mostly aboard a huge research facility named 'StormGard' it follows various characters as they each find their lives inexplicably entwined. People are dying, bodies are going missing, and a whole new world of conspiracy and horror is awaiting them. They are torn away from the lives they knew only to realise that everything up to that point had been a lie and that the truth might be too horrifying to face. Who are the Children of War?

The first part will be available to download from Amazon very soon. For now, here's the beautiful cover.

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