• Anthony D Redden

Cowboys, aliens, and sexual deviance

'When the lights fell over Herringbone' is a collection of ten short scribblings that are being presented here together for the first time. They include some longer pieces, some shorter pieces and a couple of poems. What ties them all together is not a common theme, but rather that they have all been fated to fall into an unpublished state due to the unfortunate demise of their publisher or that their content was deemed too dark for its intended audiences' sensibilities. Sometimes a story is created and never quite fits the brief or evolves into something more than it ever should have been, and then ends up lurking in the shadows of your writing chest, awaiting a suitable platform. Well, here those little creations are.

The first story is When the lights fell over Herringbone, a western alien invasion set in the old west of America. It's gory, it's intense, and it was great fun to write. It is influenced by the stylings of The Outer Limits and everything H.P. Lovecraft. The second story is War Machine, and this one is all kinds of weird. I had never written anything like this before, drawing influence from Redwall and, well, I don't know, maybe my own nightmares; this is a surreal snippet of a post-apocalyptic world where the last earthly resources are being fought over between rats and cats - oh and they can talk. The coldest night is a poem, a very sad and emotional poem about the loneliness of Christmas when spent alone - cheery, I know, sorry. The next story is a short Halloween tale titled Sweet Meat, it was deemed potentially upsetting for some audiences, but I think you can handle it. It's pretty grim but wonderfully innocent as well. Next is a fantastical story about a man who finds sexual pleasure in desecrating mummified remains, but oh my, does he end up biting off more than he can chew, especially when he is caught by a rather demanding underground society of sexual deviants. This one is titled MILF, obviously. Is anybody there? is a light-hearted look at making contact with lost loved ones, and Inner Demons is a story of a man who is literally haunted by the actions of his past. Forever is about the lengths some people will go to for love, and Feathers is a poem about feeding your soul. The final offering for you is Escape and is one of my favourite short stories, I always see such vivid imagery in its stark and grim setting, and it always makes me feel a sadness that compels me to want to explore this world more.

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading these little snippets of escapism as much as I enjoyed writing them.

'When the Lights Fell over Herringbone' is available now from Amazon.

This year also marks the rerelease of Dead Boat and Dead Boat 2: Dead Town. They have been lovingly restocked into Amazon's digital shop window and are both available for purchase for £1.49 each.

Finally, I have created a podcast from which I hope to make recording of story readings available to listen to for free. The podcast is called 'Written in Blood', and will be available on most podcast platforms. Hopefully the link should take you directly to the Spotify version. For episode one I have uploaded the full audiobook version of Dead Boat and further readings will appear as I get around to recording them.

All the best


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