• Anthony D Redden

Danny Trejo and the continuing quest for immortality

Greetings and salutations my friends. This last month has seen many things occur, so allow me to offer this latest insight into what's occurring.

After a short period of scholarly pursuits, I have been movie reviewing again. Links below for my opinions on the latest b-movie releases. Two rather nice little films that I recommend highly for likeminded lovers of he quirky, crazy and downright bonkers. Cartel 2045 starring Danny Trejo and The Jurassic Games (my first 5 banana movie).

Away from the films that I watch to the film that I actually support. That's right, there has been a film in production for a while now, the love child of a fantastically devoted and passionate film maker, Mr A D Lane or if you want to find him on social media @CrazyDLane. I have been supporting this film for a few years now and recently had the opportunity to not only record a short personal message of support for him for his website, but also to record some audio which will be used in the actual film. This looks like a great movie and any support you could give, even just a share would be very much appreciated. If the schedule goes to plan, hopefully I will also be able to get my mug captured on celluloid. But that's for another post.

I've pretty much done with chapter 6 of Masonic Plague 2, and it is really shaping up to be something special. Jon and myself have an idea of where we are going, but mostly let the story just play out for us as we write. It makes the process as much of an adventure for us as the reader. But I'm really excited to be back on this. Also don't forget that the short story '1666' is now posted and available to read on the masonic website. This is a free story set in the masonic world and adds a little something to the history of the piece. It is also the first opportunity for people to see what 'The Masonic Plague' will be like. So go check it out at www.masonicplague.uk

Finally before I go, I have been so busy finishing up my MA stuff and editing the Plague, that I wanted you to know that I am still very much also working on 'A little more time' my middle grade time travel adventure, and have finished a rather unusual anthropomorphic animal horror about rats which turned out quite nicely (more about that later), but that I have also been in touch with my wonderful MA tutor about developing a research proposal that with fingers crossed I may be able to follow up next year. That would be a huge personal ambition of mine and I'm really looking forward to exploring that. As always, I will keep you all in the loop as to what that means. For now, go check out that story. All the best.


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