• Anthony D Redden

DeadBoat reading is live

With the imminent release of DEADBOAT in its paperback edition, I have created an audio recording of the first chapter to tease and scintillate.

May 31st marks the launch date of DeadBoat in its paperback incarnation. It is being loving presented for you by Kyanite Publishing and is available to purchase through their website HERE.

DeadBoat is also available in a digital format through Amazon.

DEADBOAT: book one of the DEAD trilogy.

'The year is 1726 and Harvey, a young Fishmonger’s son, is awaiting his death upon the gallows. His fortune changes when he is offered a last-minute deal that could win him a full pardon and a new life in England. Unfortunately, not everything is as it seems. Harvey is about to get a harsh lesson in life aboard a ship surrounded by convicts. Worse yet is the cargo they carry – the corpses of 316 English soldiers. When a powerful blood curse starts to bring the dead to life, the crew of ‘The Charon’ will wish they had stayed to face the executioner.'

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