• Anthony D Redden

ghosts, blood, and the end of the world

Between June 23rd and June 27th, I will be offering the following three books for free as digital downloads through amazon. If you haven't yet picked up a copy, now is the time.

The Room at the End of the Hall

' In this collection you will find four blood-curdling tales of terror, linked by their examination of the horrific nature of humanity and the sometimes poetic response of the universe. Of all the dark stories I have thought up, none compare to the evil that humankind is capable of. With that in mind prepare yourself for a sadistic, mad surgeon, an ancient deadly virus, the true horror behind the fire of London, and a father literally haunted by his past. '

Resistance: The Beginning of the End

' ‘Resistance: The beginning of the end’ is a collection of three short stories that all explore a different possible scenario that leads inevitably to the downfall of humanity. These stories have previously been published in various anthologies but have now been brought together for the first time in this book. The first story is ‘Progeny in white’ about a neon lit image of the future where automated slaves are planning an underground uprising. The second story is ‘Eyes in the storm’ which brings together pirates and aliens (oh yes I did), and focuses upon what may really be behind the mysterious disappearances within the Bermuda triangle. The third and final story is titled ‘A state of mind’ in which a young girl finds herself in a whole world of trouble that she just may not survive. '

Bring him Back

' Set in the Victorian era, this is the tale of a boy's quest to find his young brother in the afterlife and to bring him back to the land of the living. Sometimes however, there are boundaries that are not meant to be broken. '

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