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Kyanite Publishing official launch titles day one

In case you were unaware, Kyanite Publishing had their launch and cover reveals on saturday 11th august on twitter. Kyanite is run by B.K. Bass, Sophia Leroux and Sam Hendricks, and together they did a massive cover reveal for their upcoming releases, all of which are available for pre-order now from www.kyanitepublishing.com Sunday 12th sees the second half of their catalogue go live with even more cover reveals. As there are so many titles being launched I will focus on just the day one titles.

Zachariah Lars and the High Elf Mystery

150 Years Ago: The Veil, which kept the mystical and magical hidden, broke. Humans were forced to integrate with those that they deemed mythological and the world got more complicated. Present Day: Saint Louis, Missouri, New World Zachariah Lars, former Magi Police Officer, turned Private Investigator takes the cases that the Magi won’t touch. When the mysterious line of African High Elves make their presence known in the New World, in time for the High Elves Annual Remembrance Ball, Zachariah is visited by their emissary, High Princess Mahtab. She believes someone is looking to assassinate her, and will pay handsomely for Prince Juraxxus of the Saint Louis High Elves to be brought to Justice. Zachariah must piece together the mystery of not only this stunningly beautiful African High Elf, but also, if Juraxxus is behind the assassination attempts on the High Princess’s life. And he only has three days to accomplish the task. Mystery, intrigue, humor, magic and foul language abound in this series by Jonathan M. Lazar.

Urban Gothic

Burned out and drugged up, Alec LeGuerrier spends his days faking his way through society.  He barely ekes out an existence while living in a haze of confusion and medicated mellowness until he stops a gang of nightmarish oddities from killing a strange young woman with indigo eyes.

Dragged into the twisted lands of the dreamscape; he must come to terms with his brutal past, his inability to feel for the present, and his lack of dreams for the future in a land of strange dreams and horrible nightmares.  When the world of the unreal becomes his reality, he will finally shed the fog of apathy and find a cause worth fighting for.

To Tame a Beast

Miah is a journalist student who is accepted into an internship program for one of the most successful carpentry companies in the northeast. But while she loves sharing her stories with the world, learning to create wooden masterpieces is her true calling. Then Silas comes along. Miah’s world is turned upside down and she finds that not all walls were made to be broken so easy. And while a man who works with his hands is a beautiful thing, there’s far more to this one than meets the eye.

The Ravencrest Chronicles: Omnibus One

In the city of Seahaven, dark threats loom around every corner. In such a desperate place, it falls upon the shoulders of thieves, pirates, scoundrels, and even orphans to fight to protect the people from things lurking in the shadows.

The Ravencrest Chronicles Omnibus One includes the first four books of the series: Seahaven, The Hunter’s Apprentice, The Giant and the Fishes, and Tales From the Lusty Mermaid.

Within these three novellas and a collection of short stories, flash fiction, and poetry, the world of The Ravencrest Chronicles comes to life with a level of gritty realism seldom seen in print.

Parting the Veil

American socialite Richard Jericho is a world-renowned treasure hunter. British professor of archaeology Wilkins Chapman is his stoic compatriot. Together, the two have uncovered antiquities from South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. On their most recent trip to the jungles of Peru they discover something more than they expected. As the fabric of reality comes apart, the two must journey across the globe chasing clues. As one answer leads to more questions, they begin to piece together a puzzle older than primal memory itself. And the more they part the veil, the more of what lies beyond the veil spills into our reality.

The Assimilation Agent

Rae Sorano leads an ordinary life in modern day San Diego until an alien materializes in her living room and tells her that she’s been selected for a special government-run program. While Rae learns the truth about her world, a war brews fifty floors underneath the Nevada desert and there’s only one person that can stop it. Rae and her alien mentors embark on an intergalactic journey that spans millenia, star systems, and the dusty archives of the US government.

My Aphelion

Memories are precious things, but Luna Rosen has none; at least none she can remember. She only knows that the horrors and secrets lurking in the dark are very real, and soon finds that nothing is what it seems. Not even her fellow companions. Could this be reality as she knows it? Or has her world been so obscured that there’s nothing left but a real, living nightmare? If this was a dream, she needed to wake up while she still could.

Blood of the Desert

As he escapes from a life of slavery, the Taerwyn nomad Brego crosses the wastelands of Erimos. He must flee slavers, bounty hunters, and other more nefarious threats. As he seeks to shed the iron bonds of his youth, Brego treks across the Northern Peninsula in search of something he has never known: a home. In the process he finds something he never expected to find: a family. Allying with an assortment of unsavory misfits, Brego must fight his way across the Cressian Badlands to find the Taerwyn of the Great Salt Sea. Here, Brego seeks to rejoin the people of his blood.

The blood of the desert.

The Magician’s Sin

Titan City: 1941

Anson Walker is a retired wizard who has spent the last two decades trying to put his past to rest. His cynical retirement is thrown into chaos when the daughter of his ex-wife hires him to rescue her mother from the dark forces who’ve taken her. The kidnapping is only days before the Aberration, a time every century when the rules of magic don’t apply. Anson’s investigation reveals an ancient conspiracy, the return of a decades-old nemesis, and feelings he thought long gone. Will he rescue his old flame, or succumb to the forces against him?

Ashes of the Fae

Leila Davis’ life is hurled into a world of chaos when her daughter Iris goes missing after being caught in a rash of kidnappings that spread through the city; snatched away by something that defies reason. Soon, Leila finds herself tangled in a world of myth and horror. The police suspect her, but a mysterious detective, Maddox, is the first to believe her story. He takes a keen interest in her case, and the two work together in an attempt to defy the odds and bring Iris home. But Maddox’s secrets run deeper than the scars of his flesh…Now it’s a race against time as they try and stop who, or what, took her.

Day two cover reveals coming soon, including one from me. :) Cover reveals from 8pm UK time on twitter. Sunday 12th August 2018.

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