• Anthony D Redden

New story and new beginnings

I've been absent from the writing scene for a while now, just over a year, and i knew it wouldn't be too long before i came running back. I never really appreciated the therapeutic power of writing until I had spent time away from it, and now i don't ever want to stop. Writing is part of me, and it helps me stay sane. If anyone is going through a hard time and has not yet tried some writing as a form of therapy, then i highly recommend it. When i was doing my MA in creative writing we did a module on therapeutic writing which i found so interesting. Shortly after i graduated, the university began to offer a new MA in creative therapeutic writing and I would love to go back and do that but fo the fact that I don't have the money finance it. Anyway, i digress, i wanted to share my excitement at having my first new short bit of fiction 'Soul Cake' get through to the shortlist of Crystal Lake Publishings halloween flash fiction competition. I was a little worried that I may have lost a bit of the spark in my writing, but this was a perfect opportunity to jump straight back in. Fortunately, turns out people are liking the new story. So, it's gone through to the final voting round of the competition, and if anyone would like to read my story and all the other stories they can be found at Crystal Lakes Patreon page. If you become a patron you get access to their huge back catalogue of material, and even get to vote in their story competitions. Have i also mentioned, they are a fantastically friendly award winning bunch of people, and so talented and supportive of writers.


I have also finished my first dip into the SolarPunk pool, and loved it. An opportunity came up to have a go at a genre of fiction I hadn't even heard of and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Story is sent off and i'm awaiting a decision from the publisher, let's hope i can make it two thumbs up from from two.

Happy Halloween peeps.

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