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News, Publishers, Dinosaurs and big things a-coming...

So much has happened recently, where to begin. Okay, let's start with publishers, or one in particular, Kyanite Press. They have decided after looking at my work that they wanted to sign me up. This was surprising but also very flattering. I've spent the last few weeks going through contracts and talking cover designs, marketing strategies, launch details, and all manner of other exciting things. Unfortunately at this point I am not able to share what exactly they have planned, but for me it is a big personal achievement and I'm really looking forward to working with Kyanite. There will be a number of launch events the weekend of 11th August 2018, to baptize the press and to announce upcoming titles. They will have plenty of presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the like i'm sure. Once all the announcements have been made, i can fill you all in with some more info.

Dinosaurs - Well, i have another movie review up on scifimonkeys.com The Jurassic Dead is given my scrutiny and you can read all about it HERE.

I had a brief look through some of my short stories whilst looking for some stuff for an upcoming project and i was hit by how my earlier work was not edited very well. I apologize for that. I admit it can take away from the reading experience, however, I've never tried to obsess about it. My more recent work has been edited to a much higher standard, and on occasion I've even hired a professional editor. That costs money i don't really have though. But along the way, i have picked up some things and with editing software as it is now, i believe my work reads a lot better now. So I apologize again for the state of my earlier stories, but at the same time i hope you can appreciate that constant reediting is a deep dark black hole where you never escape. I push forward and just try my best to make each new story is the best it can be.

Project updates - Well, its a mixed bag. Rather than talk about all the things I've not done, i will instead tell you what i have. I've been working on chapter three of children of war. This is coming along nicely, however, it is one of those back-burner stories as i have more pressing projects that desperately need my attention. Trust me though, i will eventually get this novella done, i have big plans for it and its already received some great feedback. Its just having to limp along at the moment.

A lot of time has been spent on the project with Kyanite, which will be revealed this weekend, so bear with me on that.

Masonic plague is coming along slowly, Chapter 10 is being edited and i am slowly working on a prologue for the first book. We will keep you informed with all the latest developments with that. Check out www.masonicplague.uk

The majority of my time at the moment is being spent on yet another secret project, this time its a big big opportunity for me to become involved in something that I've never done before. I'm very excited about where this may lead, and it's a huge honor for me to have been asked to get involved. Again, once I am at liberty to say more i will shout from the rooftops. Please do stay tuned for more details of this as it's big. Suffice to say that I am working like a beaver on this project with an eye on submitting my first draft in the next week.

Anyway, I shall leave it there for now, I've written loads yet not really said much. Unfortunately at the moment I have lots going on but not at liberty to actually share the details. Soon though, soon. I also apologize to my UK readers as my spellcheck seems to be stuck in American English. I'm sure you'll survive.

For now, Ta-ta.


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