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Packages - flash fiction

'We need to do something about that smell, it’s fucking awful. We’ll have the neighbours complaining.’

‘I’ve scrubbed the place three times now, used a dozen bottles of bleach, we’ve got fucking Yankee candles all over. I can’t do any more.’

‘It’s the meat, we need to get rid of the bloody meat.’

Janice, Chloe and Sarah all looked at the pile of rotting corpses in the corner of the room.


‘I cut them up best I could, but the garbage disposal packed in. I ended up using the smoothie blender, but that…’


‘…didn’t work.’

‘Didn’t it? What a surprise.’

‘You said you had a full proof plan to get rid of the bodies.’

‘You told me there would be one. One would have been easy, but seven, it’s just too many.’

‘It’s amazing Amazon hasn’t missed any of their delivery drivers.’

The women look again at the pile of corpses - Amazon logos emblazoned upon their bloodied uniforms.

‘You know what we need, lye. That’s how they get rid of bodies in those true crime documentaries. It dissolves the bodies and doesn’t smell.’

‘Well, what are we waiting for, sounds like a plan? How do we get our hands on some lye?’

‘Erm, Amazon?’

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