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TEASER: 'Parting the Veil' by BK Bass

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

When I sat down to read Parting the Veil, I did not realize that it would consume my life until it was done. I literally could not put the book down without a great yearning to know more about what would happen to the characters next. This story focuses upon an unlikely team of treasure hunters in the form of a brash, rich American explorer, and a more reserved and cautious English archaeologist/academic. Together they have made a business from seeking out rare and presumed lost artifacts

and selling them to the highest bidder. Their latest find however holds a dark secret that they had never anticipated, and it is just the beginning to an extraordinary adventure that will make them question everything they have ever known. Richard and Wilkins have a relationship reminiscent of Brendan Fraser and John Hannah from ‘The Mummy’ (1999) and play off each other wonderfully as they chase around the world for the location of mysterious idols from an ancient civilization. But they are not alone in this endeavor and they face all manner of foe set upon deterring them from their mission. Do not think that this is any ordinary adventure though, as BK Bass introduces a world of bizarre horror and creatures that will leave you completely engrossed and amazed. The potential for this series going forward is unfathomable, and you will soon realize that there are literally no holds barred and anything could happen. So, if you like edge of the seat action and adventure, mixed with bizarre horror, then maybe this should be your next read.

Parting the Veil is available to buy right now HERE

More can be found about BK Bass HERE

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