• Anthony D Redden

The birth of a necromancer

My second release this year is the first in a three part YA supernatural thriller series. It focuses on a young natural necromancer who can't control his powers.

Alex Cooper was born with the power to raise the dead. He was brought up under the ever-watchful eye of an organisation that he does not trust, and now his services have been sold to the highest bidder against his will. Despite his better judgement, Alex has his hand forced and becomes embroiled in a sinister plan that could mean he loses more than just his freedom. If this young necromancer is going to find his missing brother, he will need to master his powers and that may well mean breaking a few laws of nature along the way.

This is the first part in a trilogy of novelettes following a young Necromancer named Alex who must discover who he really is and what he is destined to become. This is a story of magic, mystery, action, and quite a few undead.

From the author of 'Dead Boat' and 'The Room at the End of the Hall' comes this new YA supernatural thriller.

The book is now available exclusively through amazon and available only in eBook format.



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