• Anthony D Redden

The success in failure

Writing is an endless journey of discovery. You are constantly learning from your mistakes and your successes and you develop and adapt your craft. This doesn't really ever end. As an indie writer, this journey of development is a very public thing. Each story you submit, each book you publish is fresh bait for all the reading public to devour and sick up. Sometimes you have little victories, but mostly huge soul crushing disappointments. It would be easy to hang up you quill and become a recluse. However, if you can get through the self doubt you may well find the lessons learnt from even the harshest of criticisms. I accept that writing is a fine art and something that needs to be encouraged to grow and mature. Some are born with an innate head start, other not so. That is why I strive for each story i write to be better than the last. In most circumstances i believe that is achieved. However, there is one story that has been the thorn in my side more than most. 'Mercy Heights'. This was a short story i wrote and published through Amazon, it is still there if you want to check it out. This was a project of personal development. I knew this when i started it and i accept that it isn't my best work. If it were to be as successful as it were difficult to write then i would be very happy, however, it wasn't. I admit that it maybe wasn't original in premise, it was perhaps not to everyone's taste and somewhat unambitious in its plot. But what it lacked in plot it made up for in complexity. Not complexity in story, but in just how much of a headache it was to write it. The premise of the story is that there is a research facility that doubles as a care home situated in a maximum security prison. Following a zombie outbreak, the facility is used to ascertain the viability of maintaining high ranking zombie victims until a cure can be developed. What made the writing of this story so complex and what was the main reason for me writing it was that the story is written from the perspectives of five different people. Each retelling the events of that night from their own point of view. Each point of view offers the reader a little more insight into what is actually happening. The greatest challenge was rewriting the same night five times from different perspectives, offering additional key information each time as to what is really happening. The big reveal is saved until the end. Whilst writing this story i was always just interested to see if i could do it and how it would turn out. Although i feel some form of achievement with the end result, i do not plan on ever writing like this again. But there is the success in the failure. The story was not well received, but i learnt a great deal from writing it. It seems that the amount of effort you put into writing a story does not necessarily equate to the amount of success that story then receives. So please if you ever feel discouraged in your writing, or you've received some harsh feedback that has left you reeling, take a deep breath, get some distance from the issue and then take the criticism for what it is. An opportunity to develop and become a better writer.

'Mercy Heights' is currently available from amazon HERE.

Please check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Bad reviews are better than no reviews. Indifference is the real killer.


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