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Crystal Lake publishing is one of those publishing houses that are on most authors bucket lists, mine included. This year I had the honour of having one of my stories included in their latest anthology. Shallow Waters Vol. 4 is a collection of short short stories hand picked by founder and CEO Joe Mynhardt and the Crystal Lake patrons. My story 'In That Dress' was chosen to be included and the anthology is now available for download from Amazon HERE.

If you like your horror short, sharp and sweet, then you need look no further than here. The anthology is of course free with Amazon Unlimited.

Shallow Waters—where nothing stays buried.

With 21 Dark Fiction & Horror tales diving beneath the surface of life, death, and the mystery that lies beneath.

Shallow Waters is the official monthly flash fiction challenge hosted by the award-winning Crystal Lake Publishing. Every month a new challenge is posted online, with authors submitting via email. The best submissions are then posted on Crystal Lake’s Patreon page (an exclusive behind the scenes community of readers and authors), where patrons read daily entries and vote for the winner. What you’ll find in these Shallow Waters anthologies include the winners as well as the most popular of our finalists. Stay tuned for more volumes in this series, or find Crystal Lake Publishing on Patreon to enter or vote on future challenges.

Volume four includes suspenseful stories of death, Halloween, twisted love, karma, and travel horror.

Includes: Introduction by Joe Mynhardt “Turkish Delight On the Blue Line” by Shoshana Edwards “VII” by Mark Allan Gunnells (winner) “Unfinished Education” by Jonah Buck “Odor Mortis” by Red Lagoe “Hook-Hand Man’s Last Night on Lovers’ Lane” by Patrick Barb “A Table Set for One” by Dani Brown (winner) “Love Letters” by Richard Thomas “Mixed Marriage” by David Bernard “Starlight and Fairy Dust” by Chloé Harper Gold (winner) “Meme” by Michael Patrick Hicks (winner) “As the Crow Flies” by Kevin Lucia “I Didn’t Know What Love Was” by Ben Lathrop “The Talk” by Lori Michelle “Devour” by Austin James “Sanctuary” by David J. Rank “That Which Makes Me Happiest” by L. F. Falconer “Reversal of Fortune” by Sheri White “Thelma Takes the Devil” by Linda J. Marshall (winner) “In That Dress” by Anthony D Redden “What You’d Do for Love” by Mark Allan Gunnells “Sansara” by Oleg Hasanov “Oppenheimer’s Door” by Alexander Zelenyj

In this volume…

Russian horror comes out of the shadows

A man, his dead wife, and a Great Emptiness…

We often say we’d do anything for those we love...but do we mean it?

As traffic to his killing grounds declines, a murderous figure from urban legend contemplates a change of scenery

Come to the Crossroads. He’s waiting. So is she

Friendships are fragile and rarely live up to expectation, as the kind elderly man with his lovely candies will soon learn

Haunted by his daughter and promised a new one by his bride, Donnie can’t stop eating

Some messes need to be left!

A runaway witch won’t let her limited knowledge of hexes and spells deter her from her goals

Karma’s a bitch when the latest internet craze leads to murder—or is it merely an elaborate hoax?

What happens when desire becomes obsession?

Meet-cute with a handsome single dad takes an unexpected turn

They say love lost feels like death; love found can be so much worse

Desperate times call for desperate measures

Losing an eating contest is hard to swallow

7 verses of poetry give you a glimpse into the heart of a twisted soul

What happens when you'll never get your fill?

You’ll want to turn up your nose to online dating

A mother will stop at nothing to protect her daughter

Proudly brought to you by Crystal Lake Publishing—Tales from the Darkest Depths.

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